Season 1 Bakery Shopkins – All of the Shopkins Team

Season 1 Bakery Shopkins – Here is everyone on this Shopkins Team.

See artwork, images, photos and descriptions of each Shopkin!

Season 1 Bakery Shopkins are a part of the original Season 1 teams. Here is the artwork for each of the Shopkins. We are working on collecting actual photos of all the Shopkins. Have any in excellent condition? Do you have any stories to tell that involve these little guys and gals? We’d love to hear them! Send your stories to us by email at Leave us a note in the comments section below. We love hearing from other Shopkins Fans!

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Bread Head

D’lish Donut

Mini Muffin

Kooky Cookie

Creamy Bun-Bun

Flutter Cake

Cheese Kate

Shopkins and Shopkins World are creations of Moose Toy company. They make awesomely fun stuff!

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